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By Peter Shaffer

Directed by Jody Bull

Production Dates: Wednesday 11th 2020 to Saturday 14th November 2020 at the Woodlands Centre


In the court of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, Antonio Salieri is the established composer. Enter the greatest musical geni us of all time: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salieri has given himself to God so that he might realize his sole ambition, to be a great composer. Mozart is a foul-mouthed, graceless oaf who has that which is beyond Salieri’s envious grasp: Genius.


CONSTANZE WEBER - wife to Mozart
JOSEPH II - Emperor of Austria
COUNT JOHANN KILIAN VON STRACK - Groom of the Imperial Chamber

COUNT FRANZ ORSINI-ROSENBERG - Director of the Imperial Opera
BARON GOTTFRIED VAN SWIETEN - Prefect of the Imperial Library
TWO "VENTICELLI" - “Little Winds”, purveyors of information, gossip and rumour

SALIERI'S VALET - non-speaking
SALIERI'S COOK - non-speaking
TERESA SALIERI - wife of Salieri, non-speaking
KATHERINA CAVALIERI - Salieri’s pupil, non-speaking
GUISEPPE BONNO - non-speaking

If you can’t make a date but are interested in auditioning please email

Detailed Character Breakdown

This play provides an excellent range of difficulty and therefore has something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned actor or brand new to the stage. All are welcome. Below are the ages and some of the descriptors suggested by the playwright; however, no one should disqualify themselves based on this information - I am considering females for the two Venticelli!

Antonio Salieri (male, 30-50): The action of the play is driven by the contrast of the man Salieri thought himself to be (pious, humble, talented) with the man he is willing to become (a manipulative purveyor of psychological destruction). Must be able learn/handle a large amount of material and commit to rehearsals/line memorization. Salieri is in EVERY scene of the show.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (male, 20-40): “An extremely restless man, his voice, light and high; his manner, excitable and volatile.”       NB. Willing to take risks physically and vocally].

Venticelli  x 2  (male or female, age neutral): Purveyors of fact, rumour and gossip

Constanze Weber (female, 20-40): Joyful, rambunctious, devoted wife to Mozart

Joseph II (male, 30-50):”dapper, cheerful;” Emperor of Austria

Johann Kilian von Strack (male, 40-60): “stiff, proper;” Groom of the Imperial Chamber Count

Orsini-Rosenberg (male, 40-70): “plump and supercilious;”

Baron von Swieten (male, 40-60): “cultivated and serious;” Prefect of the Imperial Library

Salieri’s Valet/Priest/Major-Domo (male, age neutral): Few lines but a frequent and important presence throughout the show.

Katherina Cavalieri (female, 20-40): Salieri’s “beautiful” pupil.

Salieri’s Cook (male or female, age neutral)
Teresa Salieri (female, 30-40): “a placid lady;” wife of Salieri Guiseppe Bonno (male, age neutral)

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