100 years of performances
by Rustington Players

A hundred years ago on 21st April 1921 the Rustington Amateur Dramatic Society was formed 

(renamed Rustington Players in 1921).

The initial subscription was 17s 6d per annum and the aim of the Society was “the study of and educational instruction in drama, the reading and performance of plays.”  Membership was “open to all interested in drama, either acting or non-acting.”  

These aims are still relevant today, particularly with our Youth Theatre encouraging youngsters to discover their inner confidence and acting abilities.

The first performance in 1921 was a one-act play entitled “My Lord in Livery” staged in a hall in Church Road Rustington.   Today’s members are planning to commemorate the event by reading the play as a “Zoom” performance on the 100th anniversary next month.  Due to Covid, “Zoom” meetings, quizzes and play readings have become regular features for members over the past year. Though not ideal, this has kept us together in contact and provided some much-needed light relief on the absence of “live” gatherings!

Now there is light at the end of the Covid tunnel the Players are delighted to announce that the comedy,

“The Fall & Rise of Gordon Grimshaw”

will take place at the Woodlands Centre

from November 17th-20th 2021.


A full programme of performances & events is planned for next year along with a belated Centenary party.

We look forward to seeing our wonderful, supportive audiences again

& new members are always welcome.

See us on our website at https://www.rustingtonplayers.org.uk

or call 07747846768 to speak to our membership secretary.



One of our members has delighted us by composing a poem to commemorate our 100th birthday!




A cent'ry long the boards been trod,

The greasepaint 'plied, the prompt's words lobbed

To actors resting from day jobs.

Rustington Players hearts still throb


Now, as then, on opening night.

Well aware Broadway it ain't, quite...

Though the same zest and zeal burn bright.

Rustington Players do delight


In bringing entertainment, rich

 (Comedies, Classics, whodunnits)

To folk once farming in the sticks.

Rustington residents: permit


Us to remind you we still thrive,

Although our Woodlands Centre hide

Is dark now. Soon, The Fall and Rise

Of Gordon Grimshaw will be live.


Until we meet again: reflect;

You are the Players' raison d'etre -

From George the Fifth, to Lilibet.

We'll tread a few more decades yet!


Bernard Doogan


Original founding members _  1921.JPG

Founding members in 1921